• Wolford Wash

    € 13,00
  • Washbag large

    € 19,00
  • Washbag small

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This category includes our full selection of luxury clothing. Characterized by their high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, Wolford clothing is designed to satisfy the most demanding customers.


Something For Everyone

No matter what type of garment you’re in search of, we probably have something to fit your needs. Colorful tops and shirts, warm pullovers and cardigans, luxurious dresses, stylish trousers, and all the accessories you’ll need to add just the right accent are all right here.


Our Most Popular Styles, Available Online

Wolford clothing includes a variety of styles in different themes. The Pure line is a great choice for those who favor minimalistic styling. Fine Merino styles are made from some of the finest wool in the world, soft and comfortable, with natural temperature regulation that provides the versatility you need on days when cold mornings turn to warm afternoons. Of course we also carry our signature clothing item, the multifunctional Fatal Dress. Fatal can be transformed from a full length dress to a short skirt, with many configurations in between. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong with these comfortable and luxurious options.